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10 Easy Legal Ways to Make Money Online

Easy Legal Ways to Make Money
Easy Legal Ways to Make Money

On this page you’ll find all the best legal ways to make money in your spare time whilst at university based on our own experience.

We’ll keep adding new ways to this page so go ahead and bookmark it. And please do share your own ideas in the comments!

I can tell you the exact methods that I used to make money online. So, is it even surprising to know that you can make money online if you can put in the hours?

I started from a startup failure (and lost 8.5 L in the second year due to Corona Virus Affect in Market) and later on built a profitable online business with less than Rs. 6,500/- investment.

You can earn a lot of money online, if you have a passion to learn a new skill and can wait till 6 months to expect some depending on your smart work. All you need is an internet connection and laptop.

1. Asking Questions on Quora

Quora is probably short for Questions or Answers. Since its inception, people know the site for its smart audience. People like Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, both are co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia and part of the social network. That should say something about the website. However, of late, the network’s popularity has grown. The platform is now available in multiple languages, and the site has understood the significance of asking the right questions to an appropriate audience. That is why it is rewarding folks who ask a question that gets answered and read by many. Actually I am talking about Quora Partner Program where Quora invites you to ask questions. You can earn in the range of Rs. 4600/- to Rs. 38,000/- or $60 to $500 or more per week depending on the intensity of your research and how well you can replicate the good work in multiple fields. The best part is this ‘job’ only needs an hour or two of your time. If you can strike gold within that time, nothing like it. And the worst part is that this program is ‘invite only’ program i.e. you can be a part of it until they want. You can get paid via PayPal.

2. Writing on Textbroker

Textbroker is one of those sites that tends to fly under the radar as a great place to work. If you are a freelance writer, there is no better platform to make money online than textbroker. Textbroker allows you to contribute alone (like Batman) or be part of a team (Justice League?).

The difference between the two is that team orders keep the coffers ringing while you might have to wait to be established as a writer who would get direct orders on the site. (Direct orders allow you to deviate from the market average and set your own price, but it obviously needs experience and a lot of goodwill) The rates are pretty standard.

The only catch is the clients you choose. Some companies might bargain heavily, and it is better to avoid these firms and go for those who pay upfront and keep discussions transparent. You can always choose a field of your choice to write: something like psychology which you might have experience in or something which interests you, something which you like writing about. This is a great system that allows you to make more money from repeat clients.

3. Become a Freelancer

If you are a good programmer, designer or marketer then you can find a lot of paid jobs. You just need to be patient and willing to learn more.

You need to have two skills to become a good freelancer. One is your core skill, and the second skill is marketing. If you are not a good marketer, then seek help from an experienced marketer to make your profile. You have to have excellent communication skills to get clients.

I have written two in-depth articles on how to earn up to Rs. 5000 per article as a Freelance writer.

4. Earn Online Money from YouTube

You might not know that people are making millions from You Tube. Again, not an easy option, but very much doable for anyone who can record & upload videos on a particular topic.

Two kinds of people can make successful YouTube channels, one who make funny & entertaining videos, second who can make highly helpful videos for a niche audience (like students, mothers, housewives, tech geeks).

With the quantum leap made by mobile companies, shooting a high-quality video on your cell phone is child’s play. There are interesting things happening around you every day. Add some passion to the mix, and you have a lethal money-making tool in your hand. The new rules of YouTube dictate that your channel must have 4000 hours of viewing and 1000 followers in the last 12 months to qualify for monetization. That is easy if you can keep providing the audience with the information they need. And in the era of plenty, everybody can use some direction in the form of the right information.

You can go through our in-depth guide on How to earn money from YouTube

5. Learn Stock Market Trading

You don’t need any money to start a freelance work but you would need a little money to start your career as a stock trader.

You can earn money online by doing stock trading if you know how to pick the right stock.

I must make you aware that you may lose money in stock trading so better to start with less money and invest more time in learning the basics of stock trading.

Recently, Amazon’s main competitors in the web services sector are Alibaba Group (BABA), Oracle (ORCL), Microsoft (MSFT), International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), and Google (GOOG). Now, that is some solid information that some blogs can give you. If making money is your high, Stocks are your methamphetamine. In fact, people are now starting to invest in companies that are not even on their lands and making loads of cash off their investments.

For instance, folks are looking to invest in Amazon because of the worldwide reputation the stocks have From Jeff Bezos is an American industrialist, media proprietor, and investor. He is best known as the founder, CEO, and president of the online retail company Amazon Such intricate details about every company you invest in should be known to you, and this can be achieved by continuous research.

I have written an article on intraday stock trading in India for beginners. You can read the article if you want to learn the basics of stock trading.

6. Make Money from Facebook, Instagram

There is no limit on the earning potential through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Hey, I am not cracking jokes. There are people out there who charge as much as Rs. 18,000 for just one tweet or Facebook post. Now You can earn also, it’s true.

Here are some of the ways that I am aware of, to earn money through Facebook. I was working as a social media manager for many organization and i paid money to manage content on Facebook pages and other social media company page. (i am saying about Facebook advertisements, so do not to confuse with).

The social media fan base is an asset for such people, most of them are in the entertainment domain. People related to fashion and entertainment domain can monetize their Instagram page. You can check the fan base of BhakSala, Gabbar Singh and StoryPick, and you can imagine how valuable those can be for any company who want to advertise on such pages.

7. Start Blogging to Earn Money Online

You can make money from your writing skills in two ways.

  • Write to someone and make money immediately
  • Write for yourself and make money slowly, but consistently

That is the difference between a freelance job and owning a business. Your blog can be your online business, it will take some time to build your audience. But once you start earning money from blog, then your blog generate money even when you are sleeping.

I started making money from my blog in November 2018 and made $ 17 in the first month itself. But i did not given proper time on my blog website. So you have to work proper and timely and update post.

You can create Ads using simple Google Adsense. You make money whenever someone clicks on such Ad Blocks or Impression. Join us to learn Google Adsense.

8. Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about making money. Gobs of money. Money for doing nothing, just smart work to use technology.

At least that’s what a quick Google search would have you believe, but as usual, the truth is a little more complex than that.

Yes, you can make money through affiliate marketing. Good money. And, yes, you can even make money while you sleep.

Affiliate is similar to running a retail shop without investment in products and services.

You can start promoting affiliate links in Facebook groups, online forums, and write product reviews on LinkedIn, Quora & Medium. Learn how to earn money by affiliate marketing.

9. Surveys and searches and reviews

There are several websites offering money to undergo online surveys, carry out online searches, and write reviews on products. To get the credit, one needs to disclose certain information to them including one’s banking details.

This is why you should use this route with utmost care. Some of them may even ask you to register with them before working on projects.

The most important watch out in such projects is to stay away from websites offering money that appears too good to be true. Be careful .

10. online Language translating jobs

Knowing a language other than English may even help you earn some extra bucks. There are several websites that offer translation projects that require translating a document from one language into another. This may include Spanish, French, Arab, German, or any other language to or from English.

For many, this can make the task rather time-consuming and therefore they hire translators available online from anywhere across the globe. Several websites such as Freelancer.in, Fiverr.com, worknhire.com or Upwork.com offers you a platform to be a professional translator.

Those who do not have the knowledge or do not have the time to complete their projects on their own, put up their work on these platforms where you can register and start bidding on translation jobs and get paid in the range of Rs 1-Rs 5 per word. This can go up to Rs 10 for some languages.

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