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6 Social Media Hacks & Tips From The Experts

Are you looking for the newest social media tips and techniques?

Want to know how the experts are staying ahead of the social media marketing curve?

Experts across all industry sectors do not hesitate to dive into a social ocean teeming with life, business opportunities and flocks of small and big fish. Although they are highly-versatile, social platforms are not without flaws. When you hit the wall, you can attempt to tear in down, but also take a step back and find a way around it. The internet is full of life hacks and guides, but what about social media ones? These are the tips that will enable you to stay on top of rising trends and ahead of the social curve.

We asked top social media pros to share their favorite tips for getting the most out of social media.

In this article you’ll discover 7+ ways to improve your marketing and save time.

1. Get Around the 140-Character Limit on Twitter

Twitter is an indispensable marketing platform, but it does feature some limitations, the most prominent being the 140-character rule.

Yes, there are tools that save long-winded tweeters, but they really just add a link that takes the reader to a website, out of the stream. Here’s a hack that lets you run long, while keeping your readers right there on Twitter.

The trick is to end the tweets with an ellipsis or some other sort of cliffhanger, and then to reply to yourself. You can leave out the @mention to avoid the impression of talking to yourself. The best thing about this hack is that viewers can see the full length of your tweet by clicking on View Conversation link.

2. Restricted LinkedIn Profile Search Results

Ever look for people on LinkedIn, but the search results you see are restricted based on your membership level? Because the majority of profiles are indexed on Google, you can use the search engine to do a more comprehensive search.

For example, if you find that you can’t access the full profile information of someone on LinkedIn, go to Google and type: “name of person”

The list of possibilities goes on and includes searches that focus on professions and niches.

If you’re looking for marketing managers who mention Dublin in their profile, you can type the following into Google: “marketing manager” Dublin

Now you can see much of the information LinkedIn’s barriers hide from you.

3. Accelerate Social Media Follower Growth

Recruiting an army of followers is a cornerstone of campaigns’ success, but it is a time-consuming process. So, why not step up the game and achieve the same goals in a shorter time period?

S4S (also known as Share for Share or Shoutout for Shoutout) is a tactic in which you form mutually beneficial partnerships with other influencers in your niche/market. Basically you post each other’s content with a reference or tag to each person on an agreed-upon social media platform.

We used this social media hack and have gone from 0 to 400,000+ followers on Instagram in under a year.

It’s great because the hack works on any social media platform: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, you name it!

4. Taking the Wind out of Flamers’ Sails

The first thing to do is to identify words commonly used to attack others and put them in the Page Moderation section because democracy on social media is a great notion until you get burned by it. A rowdy crowd can harm your reputation in the public’s eye and undermine your brand building process.

Comments that involve banned words will be hidden from the public, preventing the spread of the wildfire. On the other hand, it seems that when facing online trolls, you are better off hiding the comment than banning the user.

5. Verify the Effectiveness of an Influencer

This is one reason influence marketing is so important today. Even small companies and agencies need to tune into people who can effectively carry a message online to an engaged audience.

But how do you know if an influencer is influential? After all, it’s easy to fake Twitter followers and likes, right? Here’s a simple hack to test the effectiveness of a potential influencer, and the key is Twitter lists because they’re difficult to game.

This is a very difficult time to be in marketing. Ad blockers are diminishing returns and overwhelming information density makes it hard for our message to be heard on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels.

When people really want to pay attention to you, they put you above the noise by assigning you to a Twitter list. So this is a great signal that you’re commanding attention and actually reaching people. The problem is that Twitter makes it hard to see that number. Here’s a workaround.

First, use the free version of TweetDeck and find the person you want to check out. Next, click on his or her Twitter handle and you’ll see a profile that shows the number of Twitter lists the person is included on.

Finally, divide the number of Twitter lists by the number of followers. If the number is higher than 5%, you’ve found an influencer. If the number is lower than 5%, that person is not really very influential.

6. Schedule Multiple Tweets

I used to create a series of tweets for each of my articles and schedule them in a scheduling tool. This took a huge amount of time and to be honest, I rarely managed to get around to it. Now I use Hootsuite to do this and it saves me a ton of time.

Once you’ve set up a free account with Hootsuite, you need to connect your blog’s RSS feed to it. When missinglettr detects a new blog post, it will create a series of tweets, each focusing on different parts of your article over the coming year. It even creates quotes and images!

There are many Alternatives to Hootsuite which are Missinglettr, Buffer, HubSpot, Facebook Pages Manager, Zoho Social etc.

7. An Instant Solution

Instagram is an integral part of any solid social media campaign, with the amazing ability to attract people of all backgrounds.

While you can use services like schedugram with Instagram, you have to surrender your username and password to them. This isn’t ideal for teams that post from a single account.

Now there’s another option. Hootsuite recently announced their schedule functionality for Instagram.

Although the feature isn’t completely automated, it does allow a single person or teams to batch-create content and have it ready for scheduled posting. It’s a great solution.


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