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Best Recent Gadgets and Widgets For Blogger

Gadgets and Widgets
Gadgets and Widgets

Recent post widget is real important for every blogger and reader. There can be several benefits of it such as showing your latest posts to the visitors and thus getting more views. Recent post widget is a great way to keep your visitors browsing more and more articles on your blog and thus lowering website bounce rate. Such great features make it important to add an attractive recent post widget to attract a lot of visitors and make them click.

Although blogger provides its own default recent post widget but its too simple and unattractive  that everyone would consider using third party widget . There are several attractive colorful recent post widgets available on the internet  , you should add which is most suitable to niche of your blog . Some of widget contains third party javascripts  and may reduce loading speed of your blog  so you need to choose the one wisely .

 How to add recent post widget to your blog

  • Log into your blogger dashboard >>  go to Layout >>  and click on Add a gadget

A window will pop-up , scroll down and choose HTML/Javascript 

  • A box will open , Copy the code of recent post widget that you want to add to your blog and paste the code into the box
  • Customize the widget according to your requirements and save and you are done.

Here are the codes for few  beautiful and colorful recent posts widgets  and the good thing about these is you can customize color, fonts and every other thing that suits your blog.









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