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Blogging Vs. Content Writing: Making Money At Home

Working at home and making money with the help of writing skills seems like a dream job for many of us. However, what exactly should you do if you want to pursue a career in writing? There seem to be so many opportunities yet this doesn’t make it any easier for beginner writers to understand where to start.

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In order to understand this, you have to realize what exactly can you do to earn a living using your writing skills. There are many careers, but in this article, I want to focus on two of them: the one of a blogger and the one of a content writer.

What Does Bloggers And Content Writers Do?

The blogger’s goal is to create unique and interesting content for blogs. It could be their own blog, a corporate one or even a few blogs belonging to different clients. Though a blogger is sometimes limited by a corporate style, most of the times they are encouraged to speak their own mind and to let their personality show (especially when we’re talking about less corporate and more personal blogs).

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People like bloggers mostly because of two things: they provide more personal content and they have a lot of experience about the niche they work in. It’s possible for a blogger to work in a few niches simultaneously; however, this doesn’t happen often – mostly because you do have to understand these niches very well in order to succeed.

The content writer specializes in creating content for the websites. This might seem like a copywriter’s task and yes, it can be. However, copywriters create many other types of written content too, while content writers limit themselves with websites only.

Unlike bloggers, who usually settle with one niche, content writers are more flexible as they receive different requests from different clients. Their goal is to create a high-quality content that will give the audience all the necessary information about a website, a product or a service. Moreover, they aren’t as free to write some personal and provocative opinions as bloggers are. The content writer has to represent their company or clients, not themselves.

What is the difference between a blogger and a content writer?

A content writer speaks for the company or the client they’re working for, while the bloggers speak for themselves. A blogger can choose their writing style more freely as well as their topics, while a content writer has to remember about client’s values and image when doing so. Both of them have to think about their audience, yet a blogger’s goal is to let their personality show, to be entertaining, and even provoking sometimes, while a content writer’s goal is to deliver a certain message the most accurately.

Sometimes the bloggers have to advertise more than content writers. The last ones usually don’t have to attract the audience: when people come to a website, this most likely means they did so because of the advertising. So what’s left to a content writer is to clearly explain what can be found on the website, how it can be used, how it could benefit the visitors, and so on. The bloggers, however, need to not only catch the readers’ attention but make them return – not because of products or services that can be found on their blog, but because of the content, and sometimes this includes trying to sell themselves a bit.

The blog reminds more of a personal brand representing blogger’s interests and views. However, it usually requires a lot of efforts before a blog can become that. You have to invest time into promotion, learn how to monitor the statistics, have a clear vision of your audience, and be able to analyze which ones of your article bring you the most organic traffic. Sometimes a blog doesn’t bring any profit at first. Sometimes it fails to bring any decent profit at all – for example; you didn’t know how to make it work right. However, a blogger can still make money by offering their services to clients.

 A content writer makes money only by offering their services to clients. Sure, the success of their work still depends on them a lot: they have to provide high-quality services and always meet the deadlines in order to keep going. They don’t have to wait to receive their first income, but it might still take time for them to build a good reputation and start earning decent money.

While these two jobs are different, this doesn’t mean that you have to choose only one of them. Actually, a content writer can start their own blog for future monetization, and a blogger can offer content writing services to earn a living before their blog becomes popular. So the choice is your – you can either combine these two jobs, trying yourself in different writing niches or settle with one of them and try to make the most out of it. Either way, I wish you good luck and hope that you’ll be able to become successful at what you do!

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