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Eassy Ways To Improve Your Organic Social Media Reach

So, you have made an effort to craft an appealing stream of content, but it seems that only a handful of visitors is enjoying it. Well, the truth is that even the most amazing content can fall short of ambitious goals if you cannot come up with a promotional campaign that hits the social mark. You might be already considering paying for promotion on Facebook, but bear in mind that there are other tactics to amplify your organic reach.

1. Reaching for The Stars

Happy customers are the foundation upon which stellar business success is built. This may seem like an obvious thing, but it can do wonders for taking your online presence to the next level. A satisfied consumer becomes your advocate, a true brand ambassador. Therefore, assemble an online marketing strategy that looks beyond the short term benefits of advertising.

Provide handy tips, create video tutorials, write insightful articles, inform and entertain people. Content marketing is unparalleled in terms of directing more traffic your way and reaching new people. The quality of your posts will determine how many people will like and share them, which has a profound effect on the outcome of your campaigns.

2. Steadying The Aim

This will not be worth a dime if you fail to identify the target audience for your messages. Thus, what you need is a great piece of software for doing research on the social platform of choice. Facebook, for example, has a great Insights tool which monitors social engagement and indicators such as number of likes and demographics.

Of course, one has to translate data into actionable information, and finally use this material to mold a highly effective social media campaign . Do not neglect the financial aspect here, and try not to blow your budget. Paid ads are still a valuable tool, but there are many other inexpensive instruments for sparking interest and attracting more traffic.

3. Same Rules Apply

Most people will interact only with their favorite brands, as well with those who offer them enough incentives to do so. Of course, the purpose is to spur a certain kind of behavior that is beneficial for your organization. For example, launch a rewards program or hold a social media contest, which features cool rewards and easy process of application.
Participants should be encouraged to retweet or share your posts. The next step is to assign the points accordingly. You may reward the best comments or photos submitted for the contest, but see to it that the prize is worth the effort. Nobody will say no to a nice universal gift card , special discount, killer gadget or the latest test product.

4. Points of Interest

Key influencers are people who have established a solid reputation and capable of creating and
directing trends on social media. They have a huge impact on the organic traffic and your target market. You do not have to go for Hollywood celebrities, as reputable bloggers are important enough to make a difference.
It could take time for you to get noticed by them, so make an effort to identify realistic targets in your niche and reach them out. Once you forge good connections, you can assemble a framework for widening the social reach and driving traffic to your pages. Then, you can also “borrow” the influence of renowned individuals and let them do some of the marketing for you.

5. Interact With Your Audience

Actively interacting with your audience is an integral part of building organic reach on social media. A common factor that governs the algorithm across social media platforms is the level of engagement. The more active your interactions, the better your organic reach.

Actively respond to comments on all your posts, across social media platforms. Likes, reactions, retweets, favourites, etc., all these actions play an important role in enhancing engagement and improving your organic reach on social media.

Make sure to respond to all the feedback, complaints and compliments you may receive on your social media. This will help you push up on your feed ranking.

6. Conduct Live Streaming Sessions

Live streamed- content can be very helpful in pushing for social media organic reach. Live videos make for a great way to push for real-time engagement.

Live videos are interactive and involve one-on-one type interactions, which help improve your brand engagement to a great extent. The better the engagement, the more eyeballs to your content. Conducting interactive live streams, where you can compel your audience to react and comment, is the trick to ace your social media organic strategy.

Benefit Cosmetics ran a Facebook Live Video stream that brought around 31k eyeballs to their content. This is one of the many examples of different brands using Live streams to boost reach and generate engagement.

7. Focus On Quality Over Quantity

If you want to improve your social media organic reach, you need to focus more on the quality of your content, over the total number of posts you put out.

Concentrate on creating content that improves interactions amongst your audience. Posting too frequently, just so that your content appears before more number of people is not going to work. Most algorithms favor content that engages.

Instead of wasting your time and money on many social media posts, focus on enhancing the quality of your content. Avoid resorting to engagement baiting as most algorithms rank such posts the lowest on their newsfeed.

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