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How to Turn Your Blogging Passion Into Money Earning

There is a huge demand for tutorials on how to do anything on almost any subject. From learning digital art techniques taught by industry pros to learning to play a musical instrument like the double bass.

Internet is big and opportunities are vast.  Warren buffet once said – “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Blogging is one of those kind of ways.  It earns you money even when you are sleeping. A writer writes an article, sell it and get money for once but a blogger write an article and it works for him forever. That’s what make blogging an interesting business for passive income.  Are you tired of doing small tasks, surveys etc. Let’s move one step forward and do something big.

Most of my income comes from blogging.  As I always say Patience is the key if you want to make money online. It takes time but  it’s completely worth your time and effort.  I never  had an idea that blogging would become my full time job. Life can’t get any better than making money while sleeping.

How to Make Money by Blogging?

A new blog/website is like a new Indian TV channel. They show movies without  commercial breaks in starting to attract viewers, Once there are enough viewers, they start showing ads and makes  money. More the viewers of channel, more is the money. Same is in the case of blogging. Here are some basic steps every bloggers follow :

  1. Setup Your Blog
  2. Start Writing Useful Articles
  3. Promote Your Content
  4. Engage with Your Readers
  5. Turn Traffic Into Money

Every step above includes various small steps but you need not to worry about. I would explain every step in detail in next few posts.

Set-Up Your Blog

Obviously if you want to make money blogging, you must have a blog/website first. Now you don’t know how to start a blog.  No worries. I was on the same boat 3 years ago. It is not really that hard as you might think.  Here are few major steps to start a blogs –

  • Choose a blogging Platform
  • Choose web hosting and blog name(domain name)
  • Design your blog
  • Keep reading useful blogging resources

The very first thing you have to do is choosing where do you want your blog built. There are various blogging platforms. WordPress, Drupal , Blogger, Tumblr are few popular names to list. Stats says that more than 40% blogs are built on WordPress. Reason is simple. WordPress is super easy to set up with thousands of free themes and layouts available. is also powered by

Now when you have chosen blogging platform, you have to decide if you want to go with free or paid blog. Yes, You can also start a blog without any cost although you won’t have much control on your blog then. In-fact I started my first and free blog on Blogspot. and Blogspot are two recommended free blogging options if you want to try out. Free is good to learn basics but if you are serious about blogging and want to make some serious money then go with Paid Blogging option like hosted). Now search a unique blog name(Domain Name). There are some popular hosting companies like Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage etc which are offering hosting+Free domain name at very cheap rates. You can get started with cheapest hosting package. Finally you have to design your blog in the way you always have dreamed. Designing part becomes easy with so much themes and plugins available in the market today.

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Start Writing Useful Articles

Content is the king. Search anything on the google and you will find hundreds of articles on the same topic. Most likely people reads articles from first few results. So you must offer something unique, interesting and useful at the same time that has not been discussed much already on the internet.  You just have to keep writing regularly. You might not get a lot of visitors in starting but if your articles are interesting then they will definitely find audience.

Simple Ways To Get More People to Read Your Content

Promote Your Content

Being a blogger, you must perform various tasks other than just writing articles all the time. You must have to find time in between to promote your blog on various social media platform.  Find people who are looking for information you have provided in your posts. Be active on social media, participate in groups, comments on other blogs and forums.  Create facebook, Google Plus and Twitter Page for your blog.

Build Engagement with Readers

Now when you are writing and promoting your content regularly, you will find that people are visiting your blog and engaging with your content. Now you have to focus on engaging with those readers and  turn them into loyal visitors by helping them personally , replying their comments. If someone contact with you through contact form, reply to their message to make them feel special. I mean do everything that make your readers coming back again and again.

Turn Your Traffic Into Money

Now you have set up a blog and getting visitors regularly. It’s time to make first dollar. There are several ways you can use your blog to make money. Once your blog is popular, you will start getting different offers like sponsored articles requests etc. Never put all your eggs in one basket, try to generate income from multiple sources. Read Below how to turn your traffic into money :

Ways Bloggers Monetize Their Blogs

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Services
  • Products(Digital and Physical)
  • Events
  • Miscellaneous


Advertising was the reason I started my blog for. Beginners often start blogs so that they can display Google Adsense ads and make money. There are countless advertising networks that provide you ads to display on your blog. When visitors see or click on ads in your blog, you get money depending upon various factors. To get direct advertising offers you need decent traffic but there are several ads networks that works as middleman for Advertisers and Bloggers and allow bloggers to run ads on their blogs.  Some most common type of advertising found on blogs –

Display Ads from Advertising Networks – Adsense is the most popular and dream ad network for a beginner.  There are countless more. Some accepts very small blogs too while other only approves sites with decent traffic. You just have to apply for an ad network. Then Ad network will review your blog and if they find it worth displaying their ads then approves and You become eligible to display their ads on your blog.

Sponsored Articles – Once you become popular you start getting sponsored content to publish. They will pay you money for  publishing their article on your blog. Recently I accepted a paragraph for INR 1488.

Direct advertising – Go to a popular blog and search for “advertise here ” page. You will find that bloggers are charging standard amounts for private advertising slots. You can see such ads on espncricinfo score page. Willing advertisers would directly contact you to discuss advertising opportunities.

Paid Reviews – Bloggers sometime charge for writing a review about a product or service for someone.

Affiliate Marketing

When Someone click and buy a service or product through your affiliate link, you get certain percentage of commission. Affiliate marketing is the reason why many sites are sending users to Flipkart and Amazon to buy products so that they can get commission. Most affiliate programs are easy to sign up for and you get your money transferred in your bank account when your commission reach to a minimum withdrawal threshold.

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Everyone got some certain skills. If you are the one, you can make money by offering your skills as a service on your blog. Like there are many blogs that are offering article writing services. They write and sell articles. You just have to find out what you enjoy the most doing. Here are some common services you can offer through your blog –

  • Coaching
  • Audio video Editing
  • App Developing
  • Freelancing
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Consulting
  • Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Designer
  • Training
  • Transcriptionist
  • Tutor
  • Web Developing

or Anything . You just have to tell people what skills do you have or what you have to offer through your blog.

Products Selling

You can sell products (both physical and digital) on your blog. here are some products bloggers usually use to sell:

Apps, Plugin and themes – If you are a code writer and can write a theme/plugin then your future is bright.

Domain Names /Selling Blogs/website– There are many who flips domain names for money. You can buy old website from site like Flippa and after working a little on it, you can sell it for good money.

E-course/online Workshops/Webinars – Your over-seas readers might not visit your live seminar. So you can host a webinar in such case. It’s like a live workshop online. People can hear your views and you can make them pay for virtual seats.

eBooks – Some big bloggers have made big money from eBooks in the past. You can write your own eBooks and sell them on your blog like some sells on site like Amazon.

Events – I have never seen small blogger using this way of monetizing but some big bloggers are making money by hosting events like conferences. They get money either from sponsors or people who attends the events.

Membership – You must have visited blogs where you can’t read the whole article you don’t buy their membership. You can start writing such blogs and readers will pay a regular amount monthly or annually to access your content.

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