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Easy Ways To Connect With Your Audience

Connect With Your Audience
Connect With Your Audience

If you’re online with a profile and a persona, you’re going to have a following. Whether that’s simply your friends and family on social media, or something a bit larger with your own blog or youtube channel, there are people who look to you everyday for various reasons. Yet, when you’re a blogger, it’s an unspoken understanding that people need to care about what you have to say if you want to grow your following and increase readership! There’s no better way of doing that than by letting your potential audience get involved with what you’re writing and posting, and allowing them a platform to talk to you in real time. Here are three easy ways to connect with your audience that will help you establish and maintain a solid blog following, and will make blogging a more rewarding experience for you as well. 

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Keep It Real.

In order to really let your personality shine through on your blog you need to “keep it real” from time to time! This makes you more relatable to your audience. Being relatable often means being open, and there’s no better way to do that than to be real about who you are. We can all feel a little self conscious when we’re putting both our strengths and weaknesses on the internet for the whole world to see, but it’s our humanity that gets people more interested in what we’re offering. When you’re relatable and seem as down to earth as a “normal” human being can be, (whatever that is…) people are going to naturally be more drawn to you than someone who seems to live the “picture perfect” life. Often times on Instagram, I will post a funny video in my Instastories showing my hoards of vintage junk in the basement, dishes in the sink, or laundry piling up in my vintage French wire laundry basket (instead being used to display layers of gorgeous linen pillows and soft blankets). Sometimes, I just share how wild and crazy my hair looks when I wake up! 

Even if you’re a little apprehensive to post about personal matters, you can simply craft your fun and friendly personality online with posts you know you’d want to read. Attract people with similar interests, and write posts for people looking for advice from people just like you, and you will have better chance of gaining a solid following who want to become email subscribers. People don’t like to be deceived, either online, or in the “real world” and they can often pick up on your authenticity.

Make Communication A Priority

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Sometimes just being able to leave a comment on a blog post doesn’t quite make the cut for a follower. They may want to be able to better contact you via other routes, so be sure to make it easy for your readers to contact you. Although many bloggers provide personal phone numbers, others may not feel comfortable sharing that information and that is okay. Email is the primary form of establishing and maintaining communication with your followers. The more I learn about blogging and growing my blogging business,  the more I realize the importance of email communication via a daily or weekly newsletter to my email list. With the right software programs you can have your post turned into virtual mail when you have the right software, and your followers will be able to contact you instantly.

Look into the best virtual postal mail service and get messages from followers right into your inbox. This is also a good solution for someone who’s constantly busy or on the move, as bloggers usually are, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t be able to contact you! Solve this problem of delicately balancing your work life with your personal life in one fell swoop; thank goodness we have the internet! 

Have A Sense Of Humor! 

Lighten up! This is a great way to connect to the masses as everyone loves a good laugh! A lot of people use humor to cope with stress in their lives, and others just appreciate a good chuckle, so use this to good effect. Blogging doesn’t have to be all serious! You will enjoy blogging much more when you are able to laugh a little too!

Be funny with what you’re saying by including anecdotes, jokes, and even the odd pun. A bit of satire always works well; when something’s in good taste, everybody will enjoy it! My dear friend Olivia Reinvented Collection shared a humorous story of getting attacked by bees that stung her in the behind while she was out in the woods foraging flowers for a blog post! It sounds terrible, but she turned her “ordeal” into a humorous post that her readers have loved!

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She also has told me several times that the only reason she reached out to me on Instagram was due to a bit of humor in my IG profile that captured my personality. We are now blogger besties!

As you can see, connecting with your audience is really about being personable and reachable. As you incorporate these three easy tips for connecting with your audience, you will start to establish real and meaningful connections that will be rewarding for you as well. I always love reading all of your comments and emails! They truly are the highlight of my blogging day. Let’s chat soon!

If you want to create a good story, you need to respect the most important features of powerful storytelling. Let’s check them out!

Your target audience needs a reliable character, an average consumer, someone familiar to identify with easily. The main character is the channel through which you can transfer powerful messages to your audience, and strengthen connections with customers.

This person is dealing with the same kind of problems like your audience, and you will use storytelling to reveal how this “average Joe” is coping with the problem. It is crucial to consider the consumer’s motivation for buying products. If you know this, you know what your perfect character looks like.

  • Plot & conflict

You cannot connect brands with the audience without a good story to tell, and good stories demand interesting plots and conflicts. As you have already targeted your audience, you can imagine all sorts of situations where they could use your product.

Set their everyday scenery, but add some spicy episode or incident to make a perfect plot. Dramatic situations or conflicts contribute to emotional engagement; they will drag attention and involve the audience. In that case, they will be supporters – not mere spectators – and keep their fingers crossed for a happy ending. Of course, make it honest and realistic. People like watching sci-fi, but they don’t live sci-fi.

  • Emotion

A genuine emotion is the cornerstone of high-quality storytelling. You can create an impressive character, write the best screenplay, but it will mean nothing without emotions. Audience must feel an emotional attachment to your story, which is supposed to encourage them, bring them joy, or even make them cry. Discover the purest emotion one can feel in a given situation and reveal it in your story. This is the only way to establish a correlation between your brand and your consumer.

  • Plot twist

So far we discovered that storytelling relies on emotions, plots, and good characters. But to make it complete, you need a nice surprise. The plot twist is the final hook that definitely catches your consumers – they don’t only seek for unusual situations, they want unusual solutions as well! That’s also where your products step in: you ought to show your audience how your brand solves the problem and offers simple solutions to everyday issues.

  • Resolution & catharsis

In ancient Greece, philosophers claimed that the goal of all art is to invoke catharsis in its consumers. Situation is not much different with storytelling, too. Once you resolve the problem, audience will experience some kind of modern catharsis! You will prove that your brand offers a huge relief to loyal consumers, who will establish a closer connection to products during the storytelling.

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