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10 Best Places to Sell Photos Online

Do you scoff at the thought of selling your masterpieces as stock photos? I understand that position but only if you are great at selling photographs independently through your own website, for example. In all other cases, you have to accept the idea that selling photos online as mostly stock photos is just a place to start. A dollar is a dollar is a dollar (within legal and moral bounds, of course).

So, what’s the best place to sell photos online? There are many publications such as online magazines, blogs, catalogs that are ready to pay you if they like your art. So let’s go ahead and discover 10 amazing websites that offer the opportunity to sell photos online and make some money.

List of sites that pay for selling your photos :


With Over 70 million high quality stock images, vectors and videos , Alamy is the world’s largest stock photo collection. Every time they sell a photo you submitted , you get 50% of the sale. Even a book author don’t get this much commision. About 65K (at the time of writing of this article) photos are added daily on Alamy. As this is the one of the oldest and reliable stock photography site, It deserves the name in this list.

Join Alamy


Shutterstock is serving customers from 150+ countries and have 82,491,269 royalty-free stock images on its site currently. They have paid over $350 million to their contributors. Be their contributor and turn your creativity into some cash. You can get up to 30% of every sale you made. Shutterstock has also lowered it’s payout threshold  to $35 and you can get your money through Paypal.

Join Shutterstock


With over 55 Million Images , Adobe’s Fotolia has been a leader a stock photography marketplace worldwide , specially in Europe in last couple of years. They offer a fair royalty of somewhere between 20% to 45% for each sale. There are two good things I have to say about this site – One , commission get deposited to Fotolia account immediately and the second – when you submit photo to Fotolia, it will added to Adobe Stock and can be bought through Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC and other desktop apps. So provide creative stock marketplace.


It’s easy to get in here. You have to submit 3 photos , they will review your application quickly and get back to you on the same day often. Every time your image is downloaded , you will get a commission. You never loss ownership of your images. Also your images will be automatically represented on Fotosearch(one of the world’s largest stock photography agencies) means your images will receive maximum exposure. Once you accumulate $50 USD, you can withdraw through PayPal. You need $100 USD for a mailed check or MoneyBookers transfer.


Since the year 2000, Istockphoto is providing a platform for artists to make money with their passions by licensing their stock content to businesses as well as individuals around the world . It has become a global player in the stock media industry with hundreds of employees and over 160,000 global contributors. You get a standard royalty of 15% per download and able to grab even up to 45% once your photos becomes popular.



There is nothing difficult about BlueMelon. You upload as many photos as you want to, apply your own watermarks, use a predefined or own licenses and set your prices. Then you set up PayPal and/or 2Checkout to collect 92% of the profit. There is no need to request payments since every commission is collected directly to your account. You need only to decide how and to whom do you want to sell digital downloads.



Smugmug is very much like Photoshelter where you get a chance to set up your own store to represent your work and manage your orders on your own. You can set your own rates and you always keep 85% of the profit. You can choose to sell Prints, Gifts and digital downloads. The good thing about this site is that you have full control over how your images are displayed. You can also set up your sitename such as “”. 



With over 42,584,280 royalty-free stock images and 13,857,517+ users , Dreamstime is a great platform for creative minds to make money online. Their price structure is transparent. The contributor receives 25-50% Revenue Share for each transaction. There are 5 different levels. A Level 5 image (image with >25 downloads) can receive up to 60% royalty. Once a contributor reach threshold limit ($100) , he/she can request money.



Mose people familiar with Etsy think of it as a great place to shop for handmade original presents. But that does not diminish its relevance as a place to sell your photographs. This guide explains in detail all the ways you can sell your photos on Etsy.

Which photos sell well on Etsy? The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, physical prints, since a lot of people use Etsy for interior design. Don’t wanna worry about printing and shipping prints of your photos? Then just sell digital prints and have the client take care of the rest.


10. Adobe Stock

Once called Fotolia, today’s Adobe Stock has a very long path behind it in the world of online photo markets. Having been in the big market for more than 10 years, it’s one of the oldest stock image selling markets, even though it has existed under its current name for only three years.

Getting straight to the point, the royalty share varies from 20% to 60% depending on your popularity and commitment, and the payments to contributors are made on a monthly basis.

Adobe Stock

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