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The Best Video Chat Apps for Android and iOS

As internet connections is getting cheaper and faster with new 3G and 4G technology, evidently, more  people are interested in using apps in their smartphones for video chat.

Unlike a decade ago, video chat apps were nothing but a huge failure as they mostly lagged with constant dropping frames and inaudible sounds.

But usage of efficient compression algorithms combined with high-speed internet connectivity have completely changed the situation of video chats. Incorporating technology has made us a few clicks away from making a face-to-face conversation anywhere anytime.

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Since the choice is greatly high in choosing the right video calling mobile application, we have come up with a list of top 5 best video chat apps of 2020 that you should definitely give it a try.

1. Messenger

FaceBook messenger is on the list because it is one of the great apps you would love to use. First of all, it is present on every customer’s mobile phone who are using FaceBook on it. You don’t have to download an application separately, just open your FaceBook account, tap on the friends picture you want to chat with and click on the video chat button. Now you can chat with the person sitting on the other side . It is very easy and simple too easy though, it still needs some more functions to improve like its video quality. Let’s hope it gets better with time to come!

Price: Free

2. Skype

Skype can be said as the most old and pioneer member of the digital market today. It gives you some amazing features to notice like video calling, voice calling, messages, chatting with stickers and emoticons. It has one of the best video calling connectivity. Skype is the most famous application between its users across the world. It is totally free and there is no in app purchase till the time you don’t want some extra features on your smartphone. You can try it on any platform it works on every device and phone you can think of.

Price: Free

3. Apple FaceTime

We all know what FaceTime is, there is no doubt about it. FaceTime definitely is used by every iPhone or iOS device user as it is a preinstalled application for them Therefore it is totally free to use. FaceTime has an amazing video quality to look upto. Other apps whatever they do, cannot match up with faceTime in regards to its quality and features provided.

FaceTime allows you to chat with friends and family through voice calls, video calls and chats with stickers and emoticons. If you have other iOS devices then of course you can connect them with your FaceTime account, so if you receive any call and your phone is away, you can get call request on your desktop or iPad you are using. The only setback for FaceTime is that it cannot be used on any other platform.

4. Tango

If you want a straightforward and simple video chat on your smartphone then Tango is the best option for iOS users. It supports video chats, voice calls and message exchange between friends on Tango. It allows cross platform chatting as well unlike FaceTime. The app also allows you to engage in a video group chat where 50 people are allowed. You just need to sign in with your phone number, email id and first name that should be displayed to your friends while calling. It is going to be an awesome application for Android and iOS users.

Price: Free

5) Google Duo

Launched recently, Google Duo has pretty much made the best video chat apps 2018 list. The app is quite simple to use — Log in, verify your number, and make quick video calls just like standard phone calls. The simplicity of the app’s interface brings the video calling feature to the forefront.

  • Cross-platform functionality lets you make calls across Android and iOS devices.
  • Check the person who’s calling you before you decide to answer it or not.
  • Faster and reliable video calls regardless of Wi-Fi or mobile connection.
  • Extremely simple interface makes it easier to make video calls.

Price: Free

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