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Top 24 Ad Networks For Publishers in 2021

Ad Networks For Publishers
Ad Networks For Publishers

Out of numerous ways of monetizing a blog, making money by showing ads has been all time favorite of publishers. But finding out best ad network when there are so many out there, is a big challenge for publishers. A good ad network in my opinion is one which brings you top advertising revenue without hurting user experience of your visitors. No worries, I have compiled a list of top 24 ad networks for publishers covering all sizes of websites.

Figuring out which ad network works for your website the best is important so that you can focus on creating quality content knowing you are getting most out of your content.

Implementing single ad network sometimes does not bring optimized ad revenue. In such a case, other compatible ad network can be used to monetize impressions that one network is not filling up. Most of ad networks mentioned below not only pay well for tier 1 Countries but also for Asian traffic.

The best ad networks List for publishers :

1. Media.net

Media.net serves ads from Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network, which comprises a large pool of national and local advertisers, ensuring a 100% fill rate across all verticals and ad formats. Some of Media.net’s publishers include Forbes, Elle, Reuters, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, and more.

The ad network supports standard IAB ad sizes and has access to high-quality ads from all major DSPs. Moreover, Media.net supports display units desktop interstitial, in-content native, and mobile docked ads.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA

Minimum traffic: None

2. Infolinks

Firstly, banner ads have one big problem that results in revenue losses: banner blindness, where users (consciously or subconsciously) ignore the ads because they are viewed as an intrusion.

Infolinks gets around this problem by offering an innovative set of free-to-use and profitable ad units viz. InFold (overlay ads), InText (text links ads), InTag (tag cloud ads), InFrame (banner ads in margins and frames), and InScreen (smart interstitial ads).

All this combined leads to better SEO, less intrusion to users, increased relevance, and better space utilization. Infolinks generate high monthly revenue for over 100,000 publishers. They are known to work with the biggest advertisers namely Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, and eBay.

The platform is simple to integrate with a website and is open to any publisher with no setup fees and no minimum page views or visitors requirements.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, CPI, Auction

Minimum traffic: None

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3. Adsense

Adsense is the most prestigious, popular, consistently high paying and dream ad network of every bloggers working since 2003. Good things comes with a price, so websites looking to get accepted in Adsense must comply with all the strict quality guidelines. Adsense is worth every effort. It serves both CPM and CPC ads means you get paid when someone clicks on your ads as well as when someone just see your ads. Best thing about Adsense is that your visitors always see relevant ads. Recently Adsense introduced Auto Ads feature which saves a lot of time for publishers and earns them even more by auto detecting and serving ads on best locations on your blog with just a single code on entire website. So undoubtedly and unarguably Adsense is one of the oldest and top contextual ad network in online advertising industry.

Model: CPC and CPM

Minimum traffic: None

4. RevenueHits

RevenueHits uses contextual and geo-targeted ad serving technology which makes it a favorable choice in the times of GDPR一monetize websites, mobile sites, add-ons, widgets, toolbar, and more.

It serves over 2 billion ad impressions each day with a promise of 100% fill rate across all geographic regions. Other than display ads, the ad network lets publishers monetize their website using text ads, pop-ups, apps, widgets, XML feeds, and other custom formats.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, CPV, Auction

Minimum traffic: None

5. SmartyAds

SmartyAds SSP is a media-selling network created for publishers who seek intelligent revenue optimization. Their cross-environment header-bidding wrappers (desktop, mobile or in-app) and high-volume private marketplace deals intensify competition for inventory and help grow publishers’ yield. They serve over 2 billion daily impressions driving the highest eCPMs, CTRs, and fill rates across all geographies which climb up to 100%.

SmartyAds also offers a range of desktop and mobile ad formats viz. Rewarded Videos, Interstitials, Native Ads, and Banners. Their lightweight and latency-free IOS and Android SDK enable mediation which sends requests to a large number of ad networks and DSPs. Their partnerships with top demand partners in global monetizing geographies benefit publishers with highly-targeted personalized advertising with ease.

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: None

6. AdBlade

AdBlade is one of those ad networks that focus on quality over quantity. Further, FoxNews, Hearst Corporation, Yahoo!, and ABC are among the 1,000 that comprise this ad network. AdBlade supports standard IAB units, as well as proprietary NewsBullets® units that claim to deliver up to 3X better performance.

Model: CPM, CPC

Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly impressions

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7. Undertone

Undertone specializes in providing high-impact ad formats in addition to standard IAB formats. To clarify, formats like IAB rising stars, video formats, and its own range of flagship display formats are designed for higher user engagement.

This is coupled with the fact that many of Undertone’s proprietary ad units use the publisher’s ad inventory in non-traditional ways, ensuring there’s no cannibalization of existing ad products. So this means that Undertone can offer CPMs 100%-1500% higher than traditional display ads.


Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly impressions

8. BidVertiser

Though your mileage may vary, Bidvertiser is an ad network with an interesting monetization model. In addition to earning money for each ad that is clicked, the publisher also earns additional revenue when the click leads to a conversion, i.e., sales for the advertiser.

BidVertiser supports multiple ad formats including banners, skyscrapers, rectangles, and others. And publishers can use the provided point-and-click tool to customize the layout of these units to match their website’s look.

Their bidding system ensures that publishers always get the highest possible revenue from each ad unit. Using the reporting interface, publishers can easily monitor their ad performance, clicks, click-through rate, and the total amount they’ve earned.

Model: CPM, CPC

Minimum traffic: None

9. VerizonMedia

Known as Oath the advertising company until January 2019, Verizon Media provides publishers with access to advertisers and ad server technology solutions; currently serving over 1000 direct publishers.

Their solutions allow publishers to choose from header bidding solutions to traditional publisher waterfall setup to attain premium demand for ad inventories. In addition, publishers are offered brand safety controls and seamlessly integrate tools to manage ad inventory. The ad formats they support include display, mobile, native, and video ad inventories.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA

Minimum traffic: 300,000 monthly impressions

10. Vibrant Media

Vibrant Media offers Better-Ads and Chrome filter-friendly ad formats such as in-text, in-image, lightbox, storyboard, mosaic, and brand canvas in addition to the standard IAB display ad units.

Depending on the needs, publishers can choose to use Vibrant Media as their primary display ad network or can employ their native ad solutions to increase revenue without changing their existing ad configuration. As a result, the ads are responsive and can be delivered across multiple platforms seamlessly.

Model: CPM, CPC

Minimum traffic: None

11. Epom Market

Epom Market is a cross-platform ad network associated with leading advertisers and publishers in over 40 countries across 15 verticals. Subsequently, the ad network serves 13 billion ad impressions reaches an audience of 320 million unique monthly visitors per month.

It offers category-targeted, mobile, and local ads to ensure better user targeting, which leads to higher eCPM rates. In addition to standard banner ads, Epom also supports footer, in-text, and mobile-specific ad units.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA, Auction

Minimum traffic: 500,000 monthly impressions

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12. BlogAds

An ad network that specifically caters to bloggers, BlogAds represents thousands of premier blogs such as PerezHilton, DailyKos, Wonkette, and Cute Overload. The set up is easy and publishers can manage multiple sites from one account.

BlogAds offers a high level of control over advertising by letting publishers determine which ad sizes to offer, what prices to set, how to customize the ad appearance, and whether to accept or reject ads. Most common IAB ad sizes are supported.

There are no monthly fees. Instead, BlogAds keeps 14% of sales made to the readers. It’s worth a try for a blogger who wants to try an alternative to AdSense.

Model: CPC, CPA

Minimum traffic: None

13. Conversant

Conversant runs campaigns for over 5,000 brands every month, increasing the chances of finding an ideal fit for all content verticals. And a real-time publisher interface offers fully transparent campaign reporting along with activity and revenue data.

Their cross-platform advertising solutions ensure that publishers are able to maximize their revenue from mobile devices. In addition to standard display, they offer ads in multiple other formats such as in-text rollovers, static, rich media, banners, over the page and more.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA

Minimum traffic: None

14. Adcash

Adcash DSP+ is an online advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers with 10 000+ active campaigns across the world.

It offers all the best-performing ad formats for both web and mobile monetization including pop-under, native ads, push notifications, banners, and interstitials. They have many tools and features that help publishers monetize their traffic more effectively and their technology bypasses adblockers.

Publishers can expect high eCPMs, flexible payment terms, real-time stats and support from them. Their experienced and multilingual account managers help publishers take their monetization strategy to the next level.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA Target

Minimum traffic: None

15. Exponential

Exponential, formerly called Tribal Fusion, is an ad network known for its quality of CPMs ads. The ad network offers high-impact ads such as rising star and pre-roll ads. A 55% revenue share belongs to the publisher.

Exponential is very cautious about partnering with publisher websites that maintain a professional and attractive website layout/design. Moreover, they recommend publishers to keep relevant, highly-targeted, and updated content in order to partner with the Exponential ad network.

Model: CPM, CPC, CPA

Minimum traffic: 500,000 unique users per month

16. Propel Media

Propel Media, unarguably, is the best CPV/PPV (cost per view/pay per view) ad network known for reaching a high-intent audience. They specialize in reaching the audience through contextual text-links and display ads.

The ad network is known for its cooperative after-sales support and easy-to-use interface to optimize ads in a matter of seconds. And the interface is supported by visual analytics to allow easy monitoring of trends and features to enable easy editing of the campaigns.

Model: CPV/PPV

Minimum traffic: None

17. AdMaven

AdMaven is called the best pop-under ad network for publishers. However, the network also supports mainstream display ads like banner, lightbox, interstitial, and slider ads. They serve over hundreds of millions of ad impressions in about 200 countries.

The bandwidth of their reach and impression gives advertisers a wide range of options to explore geotargeting. Their well-constructed and structured real-time bidding system also helps in precise targeting. Currently, AdMaven has a publisher base of 25,000 who are monetizing their sites with them.


Minimum traffic: None

18. PopAds

PopAds is another pop-under ad network which is known to be relatively fast and secure. It gives publishers the medium to monetize their website traffic with the help of high-quality pop-under ads.

An advantage for publishers is that it allows on-request payments and access to advertisers from about 50 countries. As a result, this leaves publishers with a wide scope in choice of keywords and targeting to effectively monetize their traffic in their niche.

Model: CPV, CPM

Minimum traffic: None

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19. Adsterra

Adsterra is a smart technology publisher ad network. They claim 100% fill rates and take pride in their custom solutions. Moreover, the ad network is known to offer the highest CPMs and safety against bad or malware-hit ads through their fraud protection detection systems.

Adsterra offers the most effective web- and mobile-based ad formats viz. Interstitial ads, display ads, direct links, etc. for a website or mobile app inventory respectively. Recently, Adsterra recorded about 50K campaigns across 190 geographies serving over 22 billion impressions per month.

Model: CPM, CPL, CPA

Minimum traffic: 5,000 impressions per month for pop-unders; 50,000 impressions per month for display banner

20. ClickAdu

ClickAdu is a digital advertising network to maximize the revenue for publishers. They serve over 250 million impressions daily with an active base of 1300 publishers and 6500 campaigns.  In addition, the ad network offers high CPMs based on nearly 240 countries with the assurance of 100% ad fill rate.

The most common ad formats they offer are pop-up ads, video and pre-roll ads. Above all, the ad network is soon going to serve display banner ads also which could deliver a decent CPM based model for publishers.

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: None

21. HillTopAds

HillTopAds is a great ad network for publishers running medium- or high-traffic websites. They are popular for their anti-ad blocker technology to help publishers save the revenue often lost due to ad blockers deployed by users.

Their modern yet simple interface is easy for both intermediate and experienced publishers. And, the ad network allows publishers to submit more than one websites for monetization.  

Model: CPA, CPM, CPC

Minimum traffic: None

22. TrafficForce

TrafficForce helps publishers and advertisers maximize their ad revenue by offering various forms of online advertising. The ad network sells targeted website and mobile traffic on an impression basis.

Being a supply-side platform, the network helps publishers with access to over 100 demand-side partners. They follow the header bidding or open RTB technology to deal with traffic. The network supports ad formats like display banner, pop-under, IM floater, and in-stream video ads for publishers to leverage. Currently, it serves over 15 billion impressions every month.

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: None

23. EMX

EMX, formerly called bRealTime, is an ad network which caters to both publishers and advertisers. But, the differentiator for EMX from other ad networks is that it offers fixed CPM pricing units.

The network is able to monetize publisher inventory across all geographies, especially helping the publishers who focus on traffic from multiple geographies apart from only tier-1 locations like US, UK, Canada, etc. Therefore, their Biddr Connect feature helps publishers get advertisers demand from a global audience.

Model: CPM

Minimum traffic: 30,000 unique users per month

24. BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a publisher-advertiser relationship driven ad network. The network allows publishers to set pricing for their ad inventory and let advertisers directly connect with them through their platform. It is highly recommended for publishers who wish to sell their inventory at fixed prices.

Since it is a publisher-advertiser platform, publishers can directly list their inventory. Subsequently, they can receive ad placement requests from advertisers. The ad placement gets live after a quick approval process.

Most common ad formats, BuySellAds supports, are display app ads, mobile website display ads, RSS text feed ads, and others. The ad network is a renowned one and partners with over 1200 publishers of all sizes.

Model: CPM
Minimum traffic: 15,000 users per month


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