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Smart Saving Tips to Save Thousands of Money

Smart Saving Tips to Save Thousands of Money
Money Saving Tips

Are you on your monetary journey ? you would like to grasp that it’s doable for anyone to show their monetary life around and begin saving cash. typically all it takes is that beginning within the right direction to urge things occupancy your favor. But, like most things, typically that terribly beginning is that the hardest half.
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None of those ways are life-changing on their own, however they will create quite an distinction over time if you’re able to implement quite one. a number of these suggestions take simply some minutes, whereas others need a touch of standard effort. Still, they’re all unbelievably straightforward – anyone will do them.

Flipkart.com Vs Amazon.in Gift Card

Have you ever faced a situation where you have to redeem your money and you need to choose one from these 2 withdrawal options – Flipkart and Amazon.in gift cardWhich one is the better option? My suggestions would be that without thinking too much, just go for amazon.in gift-card. The simple reason is that when you add a gift card to your amazon account, the balance of gift card goes to your amazon pay balance and here are few other good things you can do with Amazon pay balance :

Best Investment Options In India-Top Saving Schemes

  • You can recharge your mobile with amazon pay balance. Currently Amazon.in is offering a huge cash-back on mobile recharges/bill-payments. You get INR 99 cash-back if you are recharging JIO with Rs. 399 or above. Flat Rs. 75 on Airtel Prepaid , flat 50 on first recharge above Rs. 100 and 20% up to Rs. 20 on all subsequent recharges.
  • Amazon has variety of products to choose from.You can make payment for any product on amazon using amazon pay balance and guess what, you will get 10-15% cash-back.
  • If you are member of survey sites then probably you already have faced similar situation. Hope now you can use your money more effectively.

Turn off the television.

One big way to save money is to drastically cut down on the amount of television you watch. There are a lot of financial benefits to this: less exposure to spending-inducing ads, a lower electric bill (and perhaps a lower cable bill if you downgrade your subscription), more time to focus on other things in life such as a side business and so on.

Stop collecting, and start selling

There was a time when people thought their collections would bring them riches. Beanie Babies were a big fad at one time, as were Longaberger baskets. Now you can find those items on resale sites like Craigslist and at garage sales for a fraction of their initial cost, leaving many people who sunk thousands of dollars into their “investments” wondering what happened.

If you want to avoid that situation, don’t collect items of questionable value. And if you want to recoup some of the money you’ve already spent on collectible items, you can start selling them now and use those funds for any number of worthy financial goals. 

Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can.

No matter where you live, you’ll find plenty of retailers who are willing to reward you for shopping at their store. 

You can add to those rewards and discounts by using rewards credit cards to earn points on purchases at a wide range of stores that can be redeemed for cash back or other benefits.

Use credit cards wisely.

If you have a habit of overspending with credit cards, hide your cards and keep them in a safe place in your home, not in your wallet. Keeping your card “out of sight and out of mind” might help reduce temptation while you’re out and about.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases – all things that cost money.

Creating a list before you go to the grocery store is especially important. Not only can it help you buy items that fit with your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying food you might waste. Always create a list and, more importantly, stick to it.

Invite friends over instead of going out.

Going out to eat or “out on the town” has a way of completely destroying both your food budget and your entertainment budget in one fell swoop. And no matter what, it is always cheaper to stay in with friends and come up with your own entertainment.

Instead of hitting the town, host a fun pitch-in dinner with your friends. Play cards, sit around a fire pit, or watch movies with your guests. You’ll all save money and have a blast.

Negotiate rates with your credit card company

If you’re paying a lot of interest on your credit cards, it’s important to know that you do have some power as long as you’ve been making your payments. Not only do you have the right to negotiate your current interest rate with your credit card issuer, but you have the right to transfer your balance to an entirely different card as well. (In fact, that is perhaps your biggest bargaining chip.)

Drink more water.

Not only does drinking plenty of water have great health benefits it has financial benefits, too. Drink a big glass of water before each meal in order to stay fuller longer and ultimately eat less. Not only will you save on the food bill, but you’ll also feel better after you become properly hydrated.

Go Cashless, Use Digital Wallets

I don’t remember when was the last time when I went to a retailer to get my phone recharged. This simple thing has not only saved me time but also a lot of money. Using Digital Wallets, on an average you can save around Rs. 15 on every Rs. 100 you spend. There are so many good digital wallets out there like PhonePe, Paytm, Freecharge etc which offer good cash-back deals, from time to time, on phone recharges, electricity Bill payment and online shopping. You no longer need to queue up for ATM withdrawals now. Ease of making payment, discounts and Tax benefits make digital wallets a must have stuff for everyone.

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Stop Wasting Food

Food waste has always been a serious issue in India. You won’t believe it but we waste as much as food as whole UK consumes. 40 Percent of the food produced in India is being wasted according to a report. So I believe it can be an area where you can save money. Here are simple tips to eliminate food waste and save money –

  • Always Plan your meal
  • Buy things that you can consume
  • Avoid Impulse buying
  • Always finish your plate and make it habit
  • Refrigerate left overs and Reuse

There are a lot of videos on YouTube where you can learn about how to reuse food scraps.

Avoid convenience foods and fast food.

Instead of eating fast food or just nuking some prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements that you can take with you. An hour’s worth of preparation one weekend can leave you with a ton of cheap and easy dinner and snack options for the following week.

Avoid convenience foods and fast food.

Instead of eating fast food or just nuking some prepackaged dinner when you get home, try making some simple and healthy replacements that you can take with you. An hour’s worth of preparation one weekend can leave you with a ton of cheap and easy dinner and snack options for the following week.

Turn off the lights.

Keeping the lights on in your home may not be expensive on a per-watt basis, but it sure does cost money over time. To save as much as you can, turn off lights any time you leave your house – or even when you leave the room. Turning off lights when you have plenty of natural sunlight can also help keep your electric bill down over time. The bottom line: If you aren’t using a light, turn it off.

Make your own gifts instead of buying stuff from the store.

If you want to save money while also giving generously, creating your own homemade gifts is one way to accomplish both goals. You can make food mixes, candles, fresh-baked bread or cookies, soap, and all kinds of other things at home quite easily and inexpensively.

These make spectacular gifts for others because they involve your personal touch something you can’t buy from a store and quite often they’re consumable, meaning they don’t wind up filling someone’s closet with junk. Even better – include a personal handwritten note with the gift.

Share your dreams with people you love.

This seems like an odd way to save money, but think about it. If you spend time with the people you love the most and come to some consensus about your dreams, it becomes easy for you all to plan for it. Set a big, audacious goal together and encourage each other to be financially fit soon, you’ll find you’re doing it naturally and your dreams are coming closer than ever.

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