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How to Buy and Sell Shares Using Sharekhan Platform

How to Buy and Sell Shares Using Sharekhan Platform
Sharekhan Platform

Investing in share market can be a good way to fight inflation and make some extra money. You have probably get your Demat and Trading account opened with Sharekhan.

Online trading allows you to buy and sell securities on the web. It has made life much simpler for investors, as they can trade from the comfort of their homes without the need to personally interact with the brokers. Here are a few things you need to know, before you click trade.

Sharekhan is one of the top brokers in India and offers hassle free services. They offer all the 3 ways to buy and sell shares/stocks:

  • Online (through their website)
  • Mobile App
  • Offline

Buy/Sell shares Online using Sharekhan Website

Sharekhan recently revamped their website. To buy/sell shares through their website , you need a computer, an internet connection and login credentials(Username, Membership password and Trading password) that Sharekhan sent to you through mail.

Here are steps that one need to follow in order to execute an order-

  • Go to Sharekhan Website
  • Click on Trade now , the login page will be opened in a new Tab
  • Login using your Username, Membership Password and Trading Password as shown in the picture below.
  • Once you are logged in, you will be redirected to the Sharekhan panel where you can check your balance, view reports, manage your portfolio and control many other things. If you want to buy or sell shares, click on “Trade Now”, located in the main menu bar.
  • Now, you will be redirected to a new page in which you will see the “New Order Form” that you will have to complete in order to buy shares as shown just below. You will be able to see the real-time evolution of the shares on the right side of the order form, by putting the name of the shares on the order form.

Lets understand the terminology used in New Order Form-

  1. Exchange – Select the exchange in which shares/stocks has to be traded.  Two major exchange in India are – NSE(National stock Exchange) and BSE(Bombay stock Exchange).
  2. Scrip –  Enter the name of stock you want to buy. For example – you want to buy the shares of IDEA cellular, then enter the word “Idea” and as soon as you enter initial few letters of stock , it will show suggestions automatically , so that you can find the right shares/stock you really want to trade.  After Entering the scrip name , you can see the live performance of the stock on the right side of the form.
  3. Buy/Sell – Select what you want to do with selected stock i.e. Buy or Sell.  You also get other option here like Short sell that allow you to sell shares/stocks even if you don’t own at the time of trading.
  4. Order Quantity – Enter the quantity of shares/stocks you want to trade such as Enter 10 if you want to buy  or sell 10 shares.
  5. Disclosed Qty – It is optional to enter disclosed quantity. It should be minimum 10 % of quantity and not more then order quantity. Enter quantity in the box that is to be disclosed to the market. This option is used where trader don’t want to let others know How much shares he is buying. Leave this box Empty .
  6. Validity – Select GFD(Good For Day) here as it will execute the order on the same day on which you place order. Two other options here are – IOC (Immediate or Cencel) and My GTD(Good till Day) , MyGTD allows you to specify the number of days for which you wish to place the orders and IOC  sends a request to the broker to execute the order immediately or cancel it . The orders in IOC are executed or cancelled according to the availability of matching order in the market.
  7. Order type –  Select Market Order to buy or sell a stock at the best available price. Usually, this type of order will be executed immediately. Select Limit Order  to buy or sell a stock at your own price. To do so , Enter your own price in Limit Price box , If the price of stock reach your target price on the same day of placing order then order will be executed otherwise order will be cancelled and in that case try your luck on next day. Stop loss trigger price  is an advance trading option. You can leave it empty or set a price but you must know how it works. If you are a busy person and can’t keep your eyes on market and your portfolio all the time then you can set a price here. For an example , if you bought 1 share of xyz company at a price of 10 rupees and now its price is 20 Rupees but you have don’t have time to monitor the progress of the stock then you can set a price between 10 to 20 , lets say you set it 15 , then your order will be executed automatically as soon as price of stock reach at 15 rupees and thus you will not face any loss that could have been happened if price of stock had gone even below 15. The stop loss trigger price option can be used in many ways.

Once you have traded the stocks/shares , you can monitor the performance of your stock by clicking on Portfolio on the Main menu bar. Your order may show pending/Partially executed and fully executed depending upon the status of your order.

I have bought some shares but my demat account is not showing any? 

No worries. Your account will show the shares at the time of settlement i.e. T+2(Transaction + 2 days). Similarly when you sell the shares , money is credited in your bank account after 2 days of transaction. Also the amount from your account is not deducted immediately after you buy shares, the balance is settled after 2 days of transaction.

Buy and sell shares with Sharekhan Mobile app – Sharekhan Mobile Login

Another option is to download the Sharekhan application for both Android and iOS mobile devices.

These are the steps to follow to login to Sharekhan Mobile and be able to buy or sell shares:

  1. Open the Sharekhan app on your mobile device
  2. Log in to your account by entering your username, member password and trading password.
  3. Now, you will be redirected to the dashboard, click on “Trade” as shown in the image below.

You have already learned the terminology used in the order form, so it is very easy for you to place an order. Once you place your order, you will be able to check and manage your portfolio if you go to the app control panel and click on “Eq Holdings”.

Important: You will have to change one of your passwords, either Member or Trading Password) every fourteen days.

Buy/Sell shares offline with Sharekhan

Years ago when online trading services were not available , people had to visit brokerage firm with suitcase. Most of people now prefer online trading as it has several advantages over offline trading. I personally don’t recommend offline trading because of 3 reasons –

  • Offline trading is costlier.
  • Less or no transparency in offline trading. You have to do things in broker ways.
  • Unwieldy process. You have to fill details and sign slips and give it to broker every time.

Still if you are not comfortable with digital stuff then offline trading is for you. To complete order, either visit your brokerage firm or call them up and Tell them all the details of your account for verification. Tell them what stocks you want to buy/sell, quantity, limit price etc and they will place order for you. You must have funds in your account for completing orders. Sharekhan don’t charge you for “Dial and Trade”.

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