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Review of RapidWorkers 2021 : Scam or legit ?

Rapidworkers is a site where you can earn money by doing small tasks..

If you’re here you’re probably wondering if it’s a scam or not. 

That’s what this review will answer.

Below you’re going to find everything you need to know about this company including background information, how you make money and more.

By the time you’re done you’ll know if Rapidworkers is right for you. 

I consider Rapidworkers as a good alternative to Mturk and Microworkers although you don’t have too much work here to do all the time. Still it can be a good place to earn some extra money .

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In this post , I will cover following topics –

  • What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?
  • Is it just another scam or a legitimate website?
  • How much one can earn at Rapidworkers ?
  • How to withdraw from Rapidworkers?
  • Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers
  • Support
  • How your location may affect your earning ?

What is Rapidworkers and How it works ?

Rapidworkers is a service of UnikScripts, Inc. and is  free to join . The website is pretty similar to Microworkers and has almost same working interface although Microworkers website is somewhat more innovative and professional . There are two kind of people at Rapidworkers –

Employers are the people who post tasks for workers. When a worker accept and complete a task , the employer review the task and check if the worker have done it correctly or not , if  employer is satisfied with the work then he rate the task as satisfied and pays money for that task. This is the way how Employers get their work done here.

Employers post a verity of tasks  include –

  • download a file , android or iOS app
  • Write a review
  • Like Facebook , Twitter pages
  • Comment/like You Tube video
  • Sign-Up tasks
  • Search and Click

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Is It scam or a legitimate website ?

Rapidworkers is definitely a legitimate platform to earn money .

RapidWorkers has been running for almost a decade, so I am confident it’s operating ethically without significant issues for both workers and employers.

The only red flag is the fact that I couldn’t find any information about UnikScripts on the internet.

Apparently, the company has no official website.

Regardless, if you decide to use RapidWorkers, I encourage you to proceed with caution and cash out as soon as you reach the minimum requirement.

How much can earn at Rapidworkers ?

That entirely depends upon your location , time you give and skills you got. People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks that pays more. If you are from any other country then its going to be certainly difficult for you. Still you earn $ 1-3 per hour . Also they give you $1 just for signing up.

How to withdraw money from Rapidworkers ?

Payments are sent via PayPal & Skrill. Their withdrawal threshold is very low and that can be a real advantage for international members. You can place a withdrawal request if your balance is over $8.00 + 6% fees. Steps you need to follow for withdrawal Click Support tab/Submit button/then select PayPal or Skrill Withdraw / enter the amount and email to send in box. Payments are processed (Maximum 1 week after placing a withdrawal request}

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You can also use your balance to start a campaign , i.e.,  no need to deposit money separately  by credit card or Paypal  to start a campaign.

Pros and Cons of Rapidworkers

Rapidworkers has several advantages over some other websites and some disadvantages as well.


  • Free to join.
  • There are many different tasks available.
  • Get paid via Paypal.


  • Very low pay rate.
  • There are withdrawal and deposit fees for workers and employers.
  • Employers can rate your tasks unfairly. However, if you think they are unfair, you can send a message to Rapidworkers and explain the situation.

How your location may affect your Earning ?

People from UK , USA , Australia, Canada , Norway and NZ have always more opportunities and tasks available that pays more. If you are from any other country then your journey is going to be certainly  difficult .

Final Thoughts

RapidWorkers is like most microjob platforms that pay very little for your time and effort.

Unless you live in a country with a hugely depreciated currency, I’ll work many hours for 4, 5 times less than the minimum wage.

That’s incredibly low, folks!

Still, even if you live in a relatively cheap country, I strongly advise you look for something better.

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